Mindful Business Workshop at Xoserve

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We were invited to present mindful meditation practices to a team at the Xoserve offices in Solihull.

We discussed how to integrate mindful meditation into working life to bring calm, peace, and productivity into the office.

The team in an one hour workshop had the opportunity to practice trainings.

Following all our training, staff are provide with resources whereby they can continue with their practice, online and via their mobile phones.

Read some of the feedback from staff:

I thoroughly enjoyed the session as it opened my eyes to the power of distraction and how it prevents me from being present in the moment. I learnt some really useful techniques to try and be more present and aware of my thoughts and distractions. This will really help me in the workplace as I often find myself multitasking with far too many things on my mind at once. Mindfulness practices are a great way of preventing impulsive, later regrettable responses to stress. Rather than reacting straight away to a stressful email/situation, I learnt that mindful breathing can help calm the situation and put things into perspective. Adam was a great teacher and reminded us that we spend far too much time worrying about things that have happened and things that may never happen and not enough time enjoying life and moments for what they are. I would definitely recommend the practice within the workplace as the ability to be present in the moment is essential to the productivity of staff.

– Harina


I found the session an interesting and valuable experience. The key messages I picked up were ‘non-judgemental awareness’, ‘live in the presence’ and ‘focus on one thing at a time’.  Our guest Adam introduced us to a number of techniques which could potentially help to relieve stress, deal with changes and become more productive.
I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

– Jie Bignall


I got a lot out of today’s session and would love to attend any future sessions that might take place. I was surprised by how relaxed I felt after trying some of these techniques.
Time well spent!  Thanks for organising.

– Chris Roberts

Get in touch to organise a workshop for your team and experience the incredible benefits of mindfulness training in your office!