Invest NI

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Invest NI are doing an incredible job increasing the developing and growth of business and community in Northern Ireland.  Like all businesses, the staff and management find themselves under stress, which can effect both physical and mental health, so it was encouraging to be invited to lead a series of mindful meditation workshops for all members of staff.

Each of the three sessions offered was fifty minutes in length and included two guided practices  a presentation on the background to the practice and how we to practically apply techniques into our life.  Staff chose to attend.  It was great to see all the session were full and a keen engagement and focus for the duration.  Following the mindful meditation workshops all staff were sent resources that they could practice at home.  We have created have a mindful meditation resource for Invest NI’s intranet so now any staff who wishes to practice and learn has the opportunity.

Thank you. Great session Adam! – Clodagh

Today’s session set me up for a great day..thanks Adam!  – Olivia