Who’s Practicing?

Many organisations across the world are offering Mindfulness & Meditation training for their staff. From creative companies based in Silicon Valley like Google and Facebook to Deutsche Bank and most recently the House of Commons who are offering their staff and MP’s Mindfulness training. It’s really taking the world by storm (a peaceful one!).
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CEO’s are recommended the practice for their staff, recognising that Mindfulness Meditation practice helps increase focus, clarity, concentration. Bringing strength into the mind, greater mind space thus enhancing creativity.

A representative of Google recently stated:

Mindfulness helps clarity of vision.  In the workplace it gives our employees the time and headspace to unwind in the midst of their busy days.  If people feel refreshed, and can take part in something like this with a group of like-minded people, then who knows what innovation this might lead to?”

Great Mountain Coffee Roaster founder Robert Stiller brought in Meditation instructors for his employees. He stated that:

“Meditation helps develop your abilities to focus better and to accomplish your tasks”

Mindfulness in Business - Companies that practice

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