Mindfulness Training – Refugee Action

In just 75 minutes, Adam guided us with grace and humour through an appreciation of the benefits of mindfulness…

Mindfulness Training in Business, Central London

When you’re at work, do you ever close your eyes trying to relax and think: “Crikey! It’s like a Piccadilly Circus in here!” Recently

Mindful Business session this morning with business leaders in the West Midlands

Mindful Business session this morning with business leaders in the West Midlands… @cipdbirmingham pic.twitter.com/KVUey3PVSP — Meditation (@MindSpaceUK) September 19, 2014

Mindfulness in Business – Feedback from the Legal Ombudsman

Discover what the staff at the Legal Ombudsman thought of the 8 Week Mindful Business course they took part in. Find out more about this training here: Click here for more feedback.

Is Mindfulness the New Caffeine?

Is Mindfulness the New Caffeine? Does your work environment need a double shot? Find out about how your company can benefit from a Mindfulness programme.  Instead of an industrial sized Tassimo, would your office benefit more from positive concentration and wisdom? Mindfulness, a growing trend in organisational culture, is producing more productivity than any cup of coffee. Mentally fatigued workers are invited to take a moment and refocus their energy to living in the present moment. We lead Mindful meditation sessions led by meditation experts in your work environment. The results are more positive employees, recharged productivity, increased focus, reduction in anxiety and stress overload & a general, greater wellness for both employer & employee Mindful meditation sessions have gained the reputation for being a “gym for the mind” because of the wide array of mental fitness...

How Mindfulness is Taking the Business World by Storm

Mindfulness in business, the idea of being aware and calm, paying attention to the present moment is essential to overall wellness and leadership at every level of workplace and corporate culture.  Such focus and clarity (even if obvious essential elements in effective decision making) aren’t easily achieved and maintained in today’s business world. Mindfulness is a technique or habit that enables you to live and also breathe in this present world, where you’re able to discover and observe the different factors that are related to the present. The Benefits of Mindful Meditation Reduce Stress: Unmanaged stress is one of the common problems within business. Mindfulness helps in reducing stress by enabling you to be calm in your office thinking about the day in a much more planned & creative manner. Increase self awareness and empathy for yourself: Mindfulness refuses to let you blame...

Harvard Research

The Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University state 2 essential factors for successful business are meditation & innovation ‘Meditation enhances the qualities companies need most from their knowledge workers:  Increased brain-wave activity,  Enhanced intuition,  Better concentration,  Alleviation of the kinds of aches and pains that plague employees most.’  

Mindfulness Revolution main feature in Time Magazine

Click here to discover why Time have featured Mindfulness on the front cover of their magazine in February 2014